Defined Benefit Scheme

Where there are existing defined benefit (DB) schemes, Perspective Corporate Solutions advisers provide support to employers and trustees in managing all aspects of their scheme, whilst meeting of regulatory and fiduciary obligations. Your Perspective Corporate Solutions adviser can also advise on the closure of DB schemes and facilitate a structured approach to helping employers remove their DB liabilities over time.

Managing, and fundamentally understanding, investment risk in any pension scheme is a vital part of ensuring employees receive the full benefit of the scheme. Perspective Corporate Solutions advisers will provide guidance and analysis regarding risk and liability, asset allocation, economic analysis and investment management selection advice. At all times the adviser works towards the agreed ‘end-goal, whether that be to maintain the fund, wind up the fund or achieve a ‘buyout’ level of funding.

A particular specialism of Perspective Corporate Solutions is the ability to help companies and trustees, who operate final salary pension schemes, develop strategies to control costs.

We can help you by:

  • planning, project management and execution of liability reduction programmes. We have considerable experience of this, and have had noteworthy success, where we have been able to wind up pension schemes for substantially less than full buy out cost. We aim to keep the up front costs to the company to a minimum and link our remuneration to the overall success of the programme, and agree the parameters in advance of the commencement of the programme, thus providing the company with the comfort that they will not be saddled with considerable costs if the exercise isn’t a success. References are available to substantiate these claims.
  • reviewing your service providers and associated costs in the areas of Administration, Actuarial, Consultancy and Investment Management